The 4 Steps To Take That Help You Hire A Good Lawyer

The 4 Steps To Take That Help You Hire A Good Lawyer

Whenever you find yourself in a legal situation, hiring a lawyer is the natural step to take. But not just any lawyer; you need to hire a lawyer that understands your case. Good lawyers aren’t hard to come by. But to prevent a costly mistake, we have a guide that includes the steps that help you hire a good lawyer.

If you’re unsure if a particular candidate is right for you, then here is an article for you.

Ask Around

The first step to take is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Chances are, you know someone that has previously hired a lawyer. So these are the people you go to for advice. If you trust the person, then absolutely ask for a recommendation. Keep an eye on every attorney that your friends and family recommend. 

When asking for recommendations, you should emphasize the area of law. You have no use of an attorney that specializes in family law if your legal case involves buying a house. Since there are plenty of legal matters when buying a house, finding an expert in this area gives you the best chance of overcoming the legal issue.

Go Online

The internet is a great place that gives you all the information you need to find a good lawyer. Nearly every attorney in the US has a website and social profile. Since online presence is an essential part of networking, solo practitioners and law firms use it to find clients. According to this survey from the American Bar Association, 87% of solo practitioners and law firms have a website.

So chances are you won’t have any difficulties finding a good lawyer by going online. But what’s the best way to approach it? Conveniently, Google reviews and ratings give you the best chance to hire a good attorney when doing online searches. Displeased clients will want their voices to be heard. So one thing they do is give a bad review or bad rating on the law firm’s Google rating.

A rating is a great indication that tells you which law firm is good, and which is bad. This also applies to solo practitioners. Regardless, if the law firm or solo practitioner has mixed reviews, then you should spend some time reading what past clients have to say.

If the reviews and ratings are predominantly positive, then that’s a good indication the candidates are quality.

Schedule Interview

This is the best way to make sure you’re hiring a good lawyer. Once you’ve identified a couple of candidates, the next logical step is to start eliminating them one by one. You do this by scheduling an interview with the attorney or a law firm and discuss your case.

Most law firms are happy to give you a free consultation, but don’t take this for granted. You’d be surprised to see how well law firms treat their clients. But there are also bad signs to look out for. For example, if the attorney is constantly on their phone and checks messages, then that’s a sign that you aren’t most important right now. Plenty of solo practitioners will tell you that you’ll be their number one client.

But if they don’t show that during the interview, then is the person the right for you? When doing an interview, you should also ask the right questions. This can help you determine if the person is indeed right for you.

An example is to ask if the person specializes in cases similar to yours. You should always ask for how long they’ve been practicing and give you their honest opinion about your case. The last thing you want is for your attorney to lie to you, telling you you have a chance to win the case.

While many clients don’t like to hear this, but attorneys will almost never tell their clients that they are guilty. This isn’t helpful to anyone and attorneys should be straightforward with their clients. If the candidate is straightforward and gives you the honest truth, then they are the right person for you.

Discuss Pricing

And lastly, always discuss pricing. You’d be surprised how expensive it is to hire a lawyer to defend your case. According to Clio, a lawyer in the US charges $300 on average per hour. So you should do your absolute best to identify the right person for your case.

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