Hi! I’m Melanie Levinson. I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m an alumna of Alpha Kappa Alpha, as well as the University of Utah (Quinney( where I received my degree in Business Administration with minors in Legal Studies and Political Science. I wanted to become either a defense attorney, a corporate lawyer or an international lawyer. But as time passed, I decided that I will be a real estate lawyer so I can be in line with our family’s business.

I created this blog because I wanna share with everyone some interesting perspectives for anyone who is considering going to law school. I’ll also be sharing some tips on preparation for law school, the first year of law school, and the second year of law school. I might share some more personal stuff every now and then about my experience in law school, including my struggles.

I hope that my readers will find my content insightful and inspirational at the same time. The goal here is to make everyone who wanna take on law school not get intimidated but to have fun throughout the journey and be successful in the path that they want to take.