The Best Practices To Selling Your House

The Best Practices To Selling Your House

What every seller wants is to sell their house fast and for a lot of money. But simply plastering a price on a piece of paper or online listing won’t cut it. You need to really “sell” it to potential buyers. There isn’t a single practice when it comes to selling your house. Instead, there are tons of best practices to use to close a deal fast and for a lot of money.

In this article, we will look at what these best practices are.

Always Go With A Strategy

A selling strategy is all about choosing how you’ll approach the process. There are two ways to do that. The first, and one that everyone recommends, is to go with a real estate agent. A real estate agent takes care of the entire selling process. They are professionals that have the expertise and knowledge to initiate talks with potential buyers, close the deal, and do everything that comes in between.

The other strategy is the “for sale by owner” approach. This approach is more complicated. Going FSBO means taking care of everything yourself. As one would imagine, this can be rather overwhelming. Not only do you have to market the property, but you also have to schedule open house visits, negotiate the right price, etc.

In addition to all that, you have to allocate time, energy, and your own resources to do that whereas a real estate agent will market the property using their own money. The reason why this happens is that agents get paid a 3-5% commission fee from the total value of the sale.

So the first practice is to settle on a winning strategy.

Make the Property Ready For Sale

This is a practice that every real estate agent will recommend. When it comes to selling a property for the desired price and fast, it’s all about making the property appealing to buyers. The more they like your house, the more willing they’ll be to make an offer. So how do you do that?

To present your house in the best possible way, what you can do is a thing called home staging. Home staging means furnishing and styling your house in such a way that buyers get more drawn to it. This is an art form that many FSBO sellers have a hard time getting right. Why? Well, it’s all because it takes a lot of skills and knowledge in interior design and how to present your space in an appealing way. Home staging is so effective that 81% of buyers say it visually helps them to think of it as their own.

More so, home staging will positively impact 45% of buyers and encourage them to make a bid.

Remove All Personal Items

This is also part of home staging. But unlike furnishing the property, many sellers make the mistake of leaving personal items. Regardless of how attached you feel to your house, you are still selling it. That means other families are looking at it and they won’t like seeing your family photos on shelves and walls.

By depersonalizing your home, what you’re getting in return is positive feedback. Buyers can easily visualize the space as their own if you remove photos, memorabilia, children’s artwork, religious and political items, etc.

Take Good Photos

This is one task that the real estate agent does. But if you’re going FSBO, then taking good photos is a must. In real estate, photos sell a lot. There is a reason why the industry is slowly integrating other means to visually present properties like VR and AR (virtual reality and augmented reality).

By taking good photos, you are making it easier for buyers to visualize the property and see what it offers. According to this report by the National Association of Realtors, more and more buyers are using the internet to look for houses. They go on listing websites and look up listings. Your listing should be on all of these websites. Once a buyer finds your listing, the first thing they’ll look at is photos.

Buyers want to live in a house that appeals to them. This is why the price is the second thing buyers see when browsing online listings. So if you want to sell your house, you better take good photos of it.

Do Some Fixing

Another best practice is to put your DIY working hat on and do some fixing around the house. There are two areas to focus your attention on – the exterior and interior. When looking to spruce up your home’s exterior, it’s all about making a good first impression.

To do that, give your walls a new paint, do some work around the yard, and add new life to your entryway. As for the interior, fix all visible issues before moving on to the invisible ones.

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