Q: What should I evaluate when hiring an attorney?

A: First and foremost, the attorney’s areas of practice and experience are critical to selecting the right attorney. Make sure they are open to questions so that you can understand their experience with similar cases.  Think of it as a job interview. You will want to discuss fees the attorneys will charge. How will fees be generated – on a flat fee, contingent fee, or hourly fee basis? If the fees are billed, what is that process? How much time does the attorney estimate it will take to resolve your matter? Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney and can share everything with them for your case.


Q: I have found myself in a quandary, the police want to meet with me. Should I consult with them before I seek counsel?

A: Not No, but HECK NO. A defense attorney is the only one who will have your interest in mind, anyone else will be motivated by accomplishing their goals at the expense of your well being.


Q: How can I help my attorney with my case?

A: You should give your attorney all the facts concerning your case and make a full and fair disclosure of the entire situation. In order to serve you well, your attorney must know not only the favorable facts but also those that may be unfavorable.

Treat your attorney like a good friend. You want to be honest and forthwright with them. Give them the specifics of your case and your situation up front. You want them to be able to give you a real evaulation of your case and how they can help. In order to do this, they need you to be straight forward and to have realistic expectations.

Another way to help your chances for a positive outcome is to keep records of everything that relates to your case. Phone calls, paperwork, etc… This helps you and your attorney work efficiently and be prepared in the event your case goes to trial.


Q: How long does a misdemeanor trial last? 

A: A misdemeanor trial may take anywhere from one day to two weeks. Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience in all misdemeanor trials from drug crimes/alcohol crimes to theft crimes.


Q: How long does a felony trial last?

A: The length of a felony trial depends on the nature of the case. Generally, felony cases take between two months and one year to complete. Our criminal attorneys have extensive experience in all felony trials from sex crimes and violent crimes to white collar crimes and juvenile crimes.


Q: Do I need an attorney at my arraignment? 

A: YES! Many people believe they may be able to handle this hearing without the presence of a criminal lawyer, it is very helpful to have a criminal lawyer there defending you. A criminal defense attorney may be able to lower your bail or even negotiate to have you released on your own recognizance (O.R.) without putting up any money.


Q: Is it worth it to retain an attorney if I am guilty of DWI?

A: Absolutely, you will face many legal decisions that can impact your, life, family and work for much of your future. Don’t get to the pointy of these decisions without help.


Q: What should I do if I am arrested for a criminal offense?

A: You have no idea what the reason for arrest is, and it is designed this way. The only way to discover what you are up against is to retain a top notch defense attorney. What you do at this point is more important than how you handle it any other time.


Q: What am I entitled to in a personal injury case? 

A: In a personal injury action, you are entitled to your actual out-of-pocket expenses, such as repairs to your vehicle or the fair market value of your vehicle. You are also entitled to rental expenses or the loss of use of your vehicle. You are entitled to have your reasonable medical bills paid, if the injuries are in fact sustained from the accident. You are also entitled to your loss of earnings for the past, present, and future, in the event any loss of earnings are incurred.

You are also entitled to damages for the pain, suffering, and emotional distress you have suffered from an accident. The at-fault party or insurance company is not responsible for your attorney’s fees.


Q: What if I do not have the money to retain an attorney now?

A: Consult with us to see what you are facing. Many times counsel if much more affordable than you may think.