Thinking About Suing? Here Are 5 Things To Consider First

Thinking About Suing? Here Are 5 Things To Consider First

Whenever involved in a legal dispute, the logical thing to do is sue them. But before you do that, have you considered these 5 things?

Suing someone isn’t as simple as hiring an attorney and delivering a court invitation. The legal process is very complex and you won’t survive it without an attorney by your side. Considering the endless scenarios you might find yourself in, it’s best to approach the process in a steady and calm manner.

So to help you do that, here are the things you need to consider first before jumping at the opportunity to sue someone.

Consider the Strength Of Your Case

Let’s say you’ve been in a car accident. The obvious thing to do is assess the situation first before jumping and suing someone. While car accidents take time to process, seeking legal advice will determine your chances of winning a case. But before all that, you need to do a few things yourself.

When in a car accident, it’s best to gather evidence to assist your case. When your attorney looks at the evidence, they will tell you if your case is strong to go to court. Most car accident cases never go to court, instead, both parties settle. But regardless, the first thing to consider is how strong your case is. To do that, you will obviously need to hire a good attorney.

Each case will be different from the next. But what connects all cases and all branches of law together is how good your attorney is at advising you before suing.

Consider A Final Demand

Let’s be real about it. Not everyone will want to go to court. Most people don’t, as going to court is very expensive. But if you believe you have a very strong case, then the opposing party will try to settle instead.

This gives you the win. When dealing with bigger companies and businesses, they will almost always try to lowball you. A good lawyer can guide you and advise you whether or not to accept the settlement. But it should be pointed out that settlements are a great way to avoid the chaotic courthouses.

Considering this post from the NY Times, it might be better if you settle instead of going to court. Look at it from your point of view and consider what’s best for you by seeking legal advice from a good lawyer.

Consider Reducing the Amount You Ask

Some people get overcome by anger that they demand obscene amounts in damages. In some cases, money comes nowhere close to what you’ve potentially lost. But we’re going back to the same notion that taking a large company to court isn’t the best way to win a case.

Big companies have plenty of resources on disposal and can drag out the case for months, if not years. What that means is they’re wagging a war of attrition. Whoever lasts longer will be the winner. Unless you hire a good lawyer that can greatly speed up the process, it might turn into something you’ll regret doing.

So if they won’t accept the dollar amount you ask for, consider lowering it to put an end to the nightmare. People think they can take big companies to court, only to end up in a never-ending scenario of constant delays.

Consider Your Finances

This is one of the most important things to consider before you decide to sue someone. Namely, lack of finances is a huge reason why many people are put off from the idea of suing someone or a company. If you don’t have money to pay a lawyer, how will you initiate the process?

So in that case, what are your options? What you can do is get a free consultation with an attorney and give them the rundown of the case. They will then look at the case and tell you your chances. Based on that, you can agree on a reasonable sum. The idea is to win the case and deduct the legal fees from the winnings.

It is a surprisingly common strategy that works excellently well in cases that have a high chance of success.

Consider Other Resources

By this we mean consider the time and energy suing someone takes. Going to court is no easy task. Not only do you have to make the time for it, but you have to have the energy to go through it every single time. In many cases, a big company will simply reschedule at the last minute. The reason they do this is to mess with you. So before suing someone or some company, consider the time and energy you have to invest.

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