White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are being prosecuted more vigourously than ever in North Carolina state and federal courts. While traditionally, white collar crimes were limited to embezzlement and theft, modern trends in our state and throughout the country have seen a shift in the types of white collar crimes that are prosecuted, and the resources that are committed to them.

Embezzlement charges can stem from any number of situations, including: when an employee takes money from a business by signing checks without permission, using the white collar crimescompany credit card for personal purposes, or faking time cards or expenses vouchers. Prosecutors typically view embezzlements harshly as they represent a breach of trust. As a result, they seek a laundry list of charges such as fraudulent schemes and artifices, forgery, and theft to up the ante against the person charged.



  • With the housing market collapse, mortgage fraud is on the rise.
  • Insider trading continues be a hot topic for white call crimes for 2012 and beyond.